Hey Friends!

"Photography should portray an emotion as well as invoke one." ~ Sandra

I'm Sandra. I'm a wife, mom and entrepreneur that loves to capture life in action...a feeling, an emotion, a fire. I see photography as art, movement as art, moments as art.

I capture many genres, but my specialty is capturing Graduating Seniors and making the sessions FUN and EPIC . Also, because i'm an entrepreneur and previously spent 18 years as a business professional, I also love to shoot Branding to capture you in your element and allow your passions to shine and speak for themselves. But don't count me out... if you have other needs, check my portfolio and i'm sure you'll see I got you covered! I just recently added Equine Photography and it feels like home. I grew up on a farm so naturally I feel at home capturing the beauty of horses and their owners.

You may have a concept you want to see come alive. I can't wait to hear about it and walk it through with you so we can capture your perfect shot.

I've spent time on the other side of the camera as a model and actor, so I know how it feels. I'm here to help work out the jitters and to teach you how to feel and not just pose for an image. I can mentor you through those moments so we can capture the authentic side of you.

My goal is to make paper (or your screen) come alive. It brings me joy when a client can't believe what i've captured in an image. I want that EPIC shot!!

I hope I get an opportunity to work along side of you soon...to capture your needs and special moments. ~ Sandra

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